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Pilot Project on Fuel Consumption and Emissions Data Collection and Reporting

A pilot project on fuel consumption and emissions data collection and reporting has been implemented, facilitated by the MTCC-Africa as per the contractual agreement signed between European Union –International Maritime Organization and the Maritime Technology Cooperation Centre (MTCC-Africa). The study aims to quantify the impact of greenhouse gases from the shipping industry in selected ports and waterways in the African region by equipping selected ships with tablets on-board to provide real-time fuel consumption data. The data collected is processed on-shore by use of a dedicated software to calculate the Energy Efficiency Operation Index (EEOI) of the ships; an indicator of the GHG/CO2 emission potential and efficiency of the ship. This information is useful in helping the shipping companies assess the efficiency of their fleet and formulate appropriate policies to reduce fuel consumption and improve efficiency. The information will further be used for subsequent decision and policy making geared towards mitigating the effects of GHG emissions on climate change from the shipping industry.

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