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Pilot Project I: Uptake of Port Energy Efficient Technologies and Operations

The main objective of this pilot project was to promote the uptake of energy-efficient technologies and operations within the African ports through the implementation of energy efficiency strategies. The specific objectives include:

  • To determine the impacts of the implemented energy-saving/emission reduction strategies at the Port of Mombasa.
  • To conduct an Energy Audit on one or two selected African ports for purposes of obtaining baseline data on the current situation on the ports and identifying the various measures that can help to improve energy efficiency.

The pilot project also aimed to promote the uptake of Energy-Efficient technologies and operations within African ports. MTCC-Africa planned to achieve this through checking the extent of implementation of energy-saving strategies at the Port of Mombasa where a level 1 energy audit was done earlier and carrying out level 1 energy audit on one or two other selected African ports. The energy auditors were involved in the walk-through audits, data collection for the baseline data and report preparation.

Kenya Maritime Administration (KMA) and Kenya Port Authority (KPA) being key strategic partners played a significant role in the implementation of the pilot project at Mombasa Port. For the energy audits outside of Kenya, MTCC Africa relied on the support of the relevant Government authorities to ensure effective implementation of the pilot project.

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