The Global MTCC Network

Global efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from shipping rely heavily on improvements in energy efficiency and increased uptake of low-carbon technologies. Better energy efficiency means less fuel is used, and that means lower emissions.

Funded by the European Union (January 2017 to December 2021) and implemented by the International Maritime Organization, the Global MTCC Network (GMN) – formally titled “Capacity Building for Climate Mitigation in the Maritime Shipping Industry” – initiative unites technology centres – Maritime Technology Cooperation Centres (MTCCs) – in targeted regions into a global network. Together, they are promoting technologies and operations to improve energy efficiency in the maritime sector and help navigate shipping into a low-carbon future. Learn more on the GMN project website 

Explore MTCC Africa Pilot Projects Under the GMN Initiative

PILOT PROJECT I: Uptake of Port Energy Efficient Technologies and Operations Learn More

PILOT PROJECT II: Fuel Consumption and Emissions Data Collection and Reporting. Learn More

PILOT PROJECT III: Quantification of Emissions within the Port of Mombasa Limits Learn More

Capacity Buidling Activities

Since MTCC Africa’s inception in 2017, under the Global MTCCs Network (GMN) project, the Centre has focused on enabling African countries, especially Least Developed Countries (LDCs) and Small Island Developing States (SIDS), to effectively implement Energy-Efficiency and GHG emissions reduction measures through technical assistance and capacity building.

National Workshops

Virtual Thematic Webinars

Awareness Videos

GMN Project Contact Information

Anton Rhodes
Project Manager, Capacity Building for Climate Mitigation in the Maritime Shipping Industry,
Department of Partnerships and Projects

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