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Fourth MTCC-Africa National Workshop

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Ghana Maritime Authority, in collaboration with MTCC-Africa conducted a National Workshop in Tema, Accra, Ghana, between 4th and 5th February 2019, at the Crismon Hotel. The delegates who attended the two day workshop were drawn from the Ghana maritime industry, Government Ministries, climate change focused agencies, and institutions of higher learning. The total number of delegates registered were 53 participants, from 4 Countries; being 4 from Kenya, 1 from Sierra Leone, 1 from South Africa and the balance of 47 from Ghana. In terms of gender representation, of the 53 delegates, 46 were male while 7 were female.

Under the workshop theme MTCC Africa, MARPOL Annex VI and Debate on African Ports, participants were sensitized on the impact of maritime shipping on air quality within ports, effects on climate change and the need for energy efficiency onboard ships. In addition, participants were briefed on international laws governing marine pollution (MARPOL), the time frame within which States are expected to implement various mitigation strategies and the support desired by MTCC-Africa.

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