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Docks of the Future Conference

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MTCC Africa together with the other 4 MTCCs, participated in the Docks of the Future Midterm conference which was organized by IMO under the auspices of GMN Network as a way to achieve capacity building on Smart Ports under the theme “Envisioning the Port of the Future: the 2030 horizon. The conference was held at the Port of Trieste from 1st to 5th of April 2019 with the aim of highlighting some of the upcoming technologies that have revolutionized port operations especially on the sphere of information sharing and single window systems at different areas of the work.

Pilot Project Exercise

MTCCs were then tasked with a Scenario where utilizing their existing networks, each MTCC has been tasked with piloting a common system technology in a selected port in the region. The scenario objectives were to:

  1. Disseminate information on the new technology across the region
  2. Identify the pilot port
  3. Coordinate stakeholders at the selected port
  4. Support implementation
  5. Measure impact (GHG & cost reduction)

For each of the above objectives, MTCCs were tasked to identify how these will be achieved and what resources could be needed. The GMN representatives then visited the Port of Trieste to ascertain their level of industry community integration.

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