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MTCC-Africa National Workshop, 16th – 17th May 2018, Madagascar

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With the support of the Maritime Technology Cooperation Centre (MTCC-Africa), Agence Portuaire, Maritime et Fluviale (APMF) Madagascar’s maritime authority conducted a National Workshop in Toamasina, Madagascar, between 16th and 17th May 2018, at the Calypso Hôtel de luxe à Tamatave.

The 50 delegates were drawn from their maritime industry, Government Ministries, climate change focused agencies, and institutions of higher learning.

Under the workshop theme “MTCC Africa, MARPOL Annex VI and Debate on African Ports”, participants were sensitized on the impact of maritime shipping on air quality within ports, effects on climate change, the need for energy efficiency onboard ships and global mitigation measures.

In addition, participants were briefed on international laws governing marine pollution (MARPOL), the time frame within which States are expected to implement various strategies and the support desired by our main sponsor MTCC-Africa.

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